Monday, January 4, 2010

29 Week Update in Pictures

The holidays were terrific. Hubby and I had almost 2 weeks off - it was SO nice being able to relax, get things done around the house, see friends and family, and enjoy each others company. Baby, who is now officially Emma Grace, got loads of great stuff for Christmas, which was so much fun. Below are a few pictures...

Emma's New Glider. Storkcraft brand from Wal-Mart - great bargain - about $160 and that includes the ottoman!

Emma's New Dresser
/Changing Table. Rockland brand from JCPenney. It matches the crib, which we are waiting to put together once the nursery gets cleaned out and we put up crown molding in a few weeks.

Emma's New Pack-n-Play. Graco brand in Townsend pattern. We'll use it as a bassinet.

Emma's New Clothes

Weekend Craft Project. I love the look of the pretty wooden letters you get to spell out the baby's name, but they are just so expensive. So I figured that hubby and I could make our own. He painted the striped "M," impressive, huh? We spent hours this weekend on this project - thankfully the baby's name is short. I still need to track down an "A" once Michael's craft store gets more in stock. The colors for the letters (and the nursery) are brown and pink, in case you can't tell.

Emma's Car Seat. Emma's cousin, Matthew, who just turned one, was nice enough to give her his old car seat, a Graco Safe Seat!

Mommy at 29 weeks


  1. You look great! And Emma Grace. . . what a beautiful name. And it looks like she received so many wonderful things. :-D

  2. You look so cute and I LOVE the name! Hope you're having a great 2010 so far!

  3. awwww, look at your cute little belly! and i love the letters, much better than anything you could have purchased.

  4. You look great, I love the outfits and I love the changing table too! Beautiful!

  5. LOL Tell your hubby that he made my hubby's day!!! We seriously should get together for a play date when our kiddos arrive...we live pretty close to eachother...maybe 45 minutes to an hour I think...

    Love your baby girl's adorable!! Do you guys want to paint my kid's names???? *wink*

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  7. I live in Maryland....about 30 minutes from that's kinda close to you right???