Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When the UPS man knows your name

I think you are in trouble when the UPS man knows your name.  And, let me tell you, I see that poor guy almost every day.  I think I have a problem.  I've gotten to the point where I buy almost everything I possibly can online.  So much easier than carting two kids to the store.

If Amazon's stock seems to be higher these days, it's because I'm keeping them in business.  I adore Amazon!  Every time something pops into my mind...like, "oh, such and such would be nice to have"...I run to the computer and buy it off Amazon.  So much more dangerous than thinking about buying an item, maybe adding it to a list to buy at the store, and then maybe getting around to buying it.  I also get all of the girls' diapers and wipes off Amazon, as well as some food items.  With subscribe and save and Amazon Prime, you end up saving and you get it really fast, so...that's my justification.

Also, I adore Zulily!  Every day, I get an email delivered to my inbox filled with fabulous things I think I just have to have.  Baby clothes and shoes, home decorations, organization items...you name it, Zulily will have it at some point.  I need to stop getting the emails.  But, what fun would that be?  The downside to Zulily is that it takes FOREVER to get some of the items, especially when you are used to super fast shipping from Amazon.

And here are a few fun things I've recently purchased.

Love these Family Rules Signs from Etsy.  I just ordered it yesterday and love that it is customizable with your own phrases.  I am getting it in distressed black with the phrases "Say your prayers, Tell the truth, Laugh & Love, Be Sweet, Praise God, Mind your manners, Dream big, and Work hard."  This one is huge (2'x4') and I'll use it as a focal point in our entry way.  

I also just discovered PhotoBarn via a special from GroupOn.  They print photos on wood, which I think look super cool. I bought a set of 5x7s and an 11x14, all of photos from the beach in black and white.  The 5x7s have come already and I really love them.

Hope you enjoyed my recent finds.  I've also gotten into Pinterest and am in the process of making boards for a remodel of our downstairs half bath as well as installation of some built-in bookcases in our study.  I'm khabeeb on Pinterest if any of you want to follow and take a look.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Minnesota and Laundry

Hopefully the bizarre title was effective at luring you over to my blog post as I have two sweet happenings to capture.

First, hubby left this evening for a work trip to Minnesota.  Thankfully it is just an overnight.  Yep, Virginia to Minnesota and return in a little over 24 hours.  As he was leaving, Emma, Kate and I stood in the garage doorway, waving and blowing kisses.  And, absolutely no kidding, as he was pulling out, Kate said "bye-bye, Da-Da" and started waving.  It was just too adorable and I think that counts as her first words, a full phrase, no less!

Second, after Kate went to bed tonight, Emma and I were playing in the playroom. I decided to multi-task, like all busy mommies, and fold laundry at the same time.  Emma was determined to help out.  So I gave her her first laundry folding lesson.  While usually I'm quite particular about how laundry gets folded, I was thrilled to see Emma get the hang of folding a washcloth in half and then folding it again, even if it resulted in a crumpled up washcloth.  It was precious to see her watch me and then try to do the exact same thing.  But what really melted my heart was when she said, "mommy, I like helping you."  She certainly is my "big girl helper," which I say probably a dozen times a day.

So, there you go.  Minnesota and laundry.  Good times.