Monday, June 28, 2010

Did she just "cry it out"???

Emma had a meltdown this afternoon at the New Mom's group that I go to. It was quite embarrassing because she interrupted everything.

I could tell that she was exhausted so I left the group, came home and put her right down to bed. That was around 1:30pm. She was initially asleep but awoke about 20 minutes later crying. I tried to soothe her back to sleep with no luck. Finally I fed her even though it was not time to eat. That didn't help either. She continued to wail in her crib. And she wailed. And wailed.

But...according to my video monitor, the little munchkin is asleep. Really? Can it be? We'll see.

Update: Yep, she ended up sleeping for about an hour and 15 minutes! Good girl. Painful to go through but if it helps her learn to self-soothe, probably worth it.


  1. Oh, yay for crying it out! Hopefully this will become a pattern. :)

  2. I hate it with Molly cries. Hopefully, this will not be a new trend and she will peacefully go to sleep from now on!

  3. True enough. I think they'll all end up CIO at some point. Hope it's not too painful a process for you!

  4. The 30/45 minute nap is really common at this age I discovered- they just don't know how to transition between sleep stages, so we have to teach them how.

    I modify the pick up/put down method, by waiting 5 minutes after they start crying first. You can go in immediately, but I found that didn't work for our babies. I chose 5 because I wasn't quite comfortable with waiting 10 minutes listening to them cry yet. I think if I were you, I'd wait a little bit before going in and picking her up. Then, don't put her down until she's completely soothed and almost completely asleep. If she starts crying again when you put her down, I personally wait 5 minutes again before picking them up. Eventually, they will stop crying and stay asleep when you put them down because they will be exhausted. BUT, in doing so you are teaching them how to do it. At first we pu/pd Anna several times a nap... but now she cries for 2 minutes if she's going to cry most times before going to sleep on her own.

    Before starting I decided that we'd try this until they were 4 months old and if that didn't work, we'd go completely CIO. I'm just not comfortable with that yet.

    (BTW, my Anna cries at my mom group every time I go too.)