Friday, November 11, 2011

Long Time, No Post

I'm still here, promise. I've thought about posting several times and have then gotten sidetracked. But here I am with my little 19 month old and a 1 month old.

Yep, Kate is already past the 1 month mark. She is now 8lb 6oz and 21" (was 6lb 12oz/18" at birth).

Sleep continues to be a challenge. While Kate sleeps a lot during the day, she has the typical newborn fussy period in the evening and then is up pretty much every 3 hours throughout the night (at this point with Emma, she was giving us 5-7 hour stretches; perhaps we were spoiled). But the biggest challenge is that she will not sleep in her bassinet, and, unlike Emma, refuses to sleep in the carseat. This means that most nights I end up holding her the entire night.

We have found one way to get her to sleep in the bassinet and, horror upon horror, it means placing her on her stomach. Which is like the worst sin a mother can do, at least that is how it is made out to be. I've really struggled with it, which is why I usually just hold her. But honestly, that is probably less safe than putting her on her stomach. Sigh, we'll see.

Here are a few recent pictures...

Kate went as Piglet for Halloween.

Emma was a piggy, her favorite animal, at least for right now.


  1. She does not look happy in that first picture! Her and Emma are just too precious!

    My little guy did not like the bassinet either! He slept in the sleeper attachment of the pack and play for the fist 2 months. And we swaddled him too so that helped him sleep.

    I hope Kate gets her days and nights figured out so you guys can get some sleep too!

  2. Emma and Kate are so precious!!! I hope the sleeping issues get better soon!

  3. i hope the sleeping issues resolve soon. louise started flipping onto her stomach as soon as she could anyway (even though we swaddled her until she was like, 6 months old), what are you gonna do, you know? they sleep how they want to sleep. the girls are totally adorable!

  4. Cute girls! Looks like Emma's settling in to being a big sister. What's Emma doing these days?
    K slept on her tummy on my chest for the first 2 months straight until her legs got strong enough to push her up over my shoulder without me noticing in my sleep. After waking up twice with her up beside my head, she ended up sleeping in bed between us. Then once she started getting enough to eat finally, she got moved to her crib. Hope Kate's sleeping gets better soon!

  5. If she likes being on her tummy she could have reflux. Also, if that is the only way she will sleep at night you could talk to the pediatrician about renting a SIDS monitor at night. They are simple to use and not at all invasive. My son is on one and honestly I love it. I feel so secure that he is safe and sound.

  6. With equally adorable 1 and 19 month olds I can't imagine what kinds of things might sidetrack you!

    That stupid SIDS guilt. I say do whatever works, and you are comfortable with, to get you and her the most sleep.

  7. They are adorable! Our Pedi said to us, that it was more important that we sleep and the baby sleeps than following guidelines....particularly once LO starts rolling over on their own.