Monday, August 6, 2012

Minnesota and Laundry

Hopefully the bizarre title was effective at luring you over to my blog post as I have two sweet happenings to capture.

First, hubby left this evening for a work trip to Minnesota.  Thankfully it is just an overnight.  Yep, Virginia to Minnesota and return in a little over 24 hours.  As he was leaving, Emma, Kate and I stood in the garage doorway, waving and blowing kisses.  And, absolutely no kidding, as he was pulling out, Kate said "bye-bye, Da-Da" and started waving.  It was just too adorable and I think that counts as her first words, a full phrase, no less!

Second, after Kate went to bed tonight, Emma and I were playing in the playroom. I decided to multi-task, like all busy mommies, and fold laundry at the same time.  Emma was determined to help out.  So I gave her her first laundry folding lesson.  While usually I'm quite particular about how laundry gets folded, I was thrilled to see Emma get the hang of folding a washcloth in half and then folding it again, even if it resulted in a crumpled up washcloth.  It was precious to see her watch me and then try to do the exact same thing.  But what really melted my heart was when she said, "mommy, I like helping you."  She certainly is my "big girl helper," which I say probably a dozen times a day.

So, there you go.  Minnesota and laundry.  Good times.

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  1. my husband is constantly traveling for work, it's the worst. louise likes to help me "fold" the laundry too :)