Thursday, March 28, 2013

And off to school she goes!

The preschool where Emma goes three days a week, 9am-12pm, had an opening in its toddler class.  So we decided to put Kate in two days a week, again 9am-12pm.  She is kind of dropping her morning nap right now, so figured it was a good time to do it so that I could still have the mornings to get work done.

The first 4 or 5 times were a little tough. In fact, on her second day, they called me to come pick her up because she had cried for 2 straight hours.  But, the last time I took her, for the very first time, she didn't cry when I left!

The teachers are super loving, and I like that she is getting to interact with not only other kids, but kids a little bit older than her (technically she didn't meet the cut-off for being in the class since she has an October birthday).  She'll be in the same class next year, and that time around, she'll be one of the oldest kids.

I can't believe how fast she is growing up, already almost a year and a half old.  I still think of her as my little baby.  Not sure if that's because she is the youngest or because she doesn't have a lot of hair so she looks younger!  Regardless, she's a precious joy and it was a little hard to let her take such a big girl step as going to school!

Here are her first day of school pictures!  I think she looks happier than she really is.  One of her favorite words is "backpack."


  1. She's getting to be SO BIG!

    Hope your husband has his shotgun ready for when the two get old enough to date! :)

  2. She is SO adorable. Love those big brown eyes!

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