Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What the heck is going on?

Since it's been over a month and a half since my last post, I am sure that is the very question that the masses are wondering...or the two or three people who are still sticking with my sad excuse for a blog!

So, here is a quick update on life.

Fabulous vacation on Kiawah Island, SC at the end of August.  Just a blast!  The girls were fun and enjoyed the water.  Emma became a brave little fish in the water and didn't even want to wear her puddle jumper.

Girls started school. Both girls are at the same preschool as last year.  Emma is in the 3 year old class and Kate is in the toddler class (again).  They go three days a week from 9-12.  Kate is still a little uncertain about the whole thing, but Emma is loving every minute of it.


Mommy ran a race. I ran a half marathon this past weekend.  I've been training with a friend pretty hard since June.  This is my 4th one to run and I was just about 2 minutes off my personal record, which I set 8 years and 2 children ago.  So I was happy.  I think I'm going to run another in November. And, as a side note, I've lost about 15 pounds since May, in large part, due to the training.  I can finally fit into most of my pre-baby clothes and it feels great!


Those really are the highlights, so, no fear, you haven't missed much!  I need to do an update on the girls some time soon since they seem to be getting bigger, smarter, funnier, cuter, crazier, more inquisitive, and sassier every day.  In fact, Kate will be TWO next month.  No way?!?!

Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. Hi Hope
    It's Caroline here - I don't know if you remember me!? I've kind of dropped off the blogosphere but wanted to say hello.
    Thanks for updating your beautiful family journey. I can't believe Kate is almost 2 now!
    We had a little girl in May named Elizabeth. She is doing really well and I'm loving having the two girls.
    Please keep updating your blog and i'll check in and see how you are all doing.
    Great work with the running too!!

    1. Hi Caroline! Congrats on the addition of baby Elizabeth!!!! I'm sure you are in pink heaven like us!

  2. You know it's funny, LO missed the transition days from the 2 year old class to the 3 year old class because we were on vacation and on her first day back walked into the new room (with a new teacher) hugged me and didn't look back. It was quite discombobulating as the 2 year old class drop off was much more involved. Our little girls are growing up! Sniff.

    Good for you for making running a priority, and congratulations on getting so close to your personal record after 8 years!

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