Friday, November 20, 2009

Belly Shot - 22 Weeks

Not that exciting, but thought I would post anyways.

I'm still not wearing maternity pants, just relying on the wonderful belly band. But I see maternity pants in the near future. And, thankfully, most of my regular shirts are still fitting ok, though some are too short. I'm trying to hold off on maternity clothes for as long as possible because I think they tend to make you look bigger than you actually are. Hubby tells me to get over it!


  1. Cute belly - you're still nice and small.
    I moved to maternity pants around 18-19 weeks, because they didn't push on my poor little bladder so much, and then had to switch to maternity shirts to cover the panel. Maybe you'll like them even better than your belly band. Have fun shopping!

  2. So cute! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. you are tiny, how cute! let's see i am 27 weeks and i think i started wearing maternity pants exclusively about two or three weeks ago, i bet you will be soon too!

  4. You are so small! I was wearing the bella band at 11 weeks. Congratulations on your little girl!

  5. You look great! Who cares if you look "big", you look pregnant, and that is a lovely way to look. I agree with hubby - get over it! :)

  6. Congrats. As far as the maternity clothes, I had a good friend who said that at 4 months nothing fit in regular clothes and maternity clothes are too big.

    And congrats on the girl.

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