Friday, November 12, 2010

Things Going On In My Life

I'm too tired right now to piece together all of these items into one coherent, well written blog post. So I'll resort to my best friend, the bullet point.

  • We are finalizing a contract on a new house (4 hours away from where we currently live)! Our loan application was submitted today, and we are scheduled to close on December 23rd. Our condo is still on the market. Boo! We've had a fair amount of traffic through but people just don't seem in a hurry right now to buy. We have until March to sell - that's when we want to be settled into our new house - praying it all works out in the end.
  • Hubby didn't get home before 9pm from work each night this week. I'll have to reintroduce him to his daughter this weekend!
  • On the infertility front, my husband's work is in the midst of its annual health insurance open enrollment. We've exhausted our lifetime cap on IF benefits with our current insurer so we are switching to one of the other options so that we can reset the cap (that does work, right? Please tell me that I haven't overlooked something!). It's weird to think about doing the whole process over again. But we are having serious discussions about baby spacing (2 years or 3?). I don't think we'll try the frozen egg transfer next year but we want to keep our options open. Yes, we have one wee little embie on ice! Not sure I'm quite ready for redoing the IF treatment process and dealing with that emotional roller coaster, but I also realize that I'm not getting any younger.
  • On a totally different note, my big brother announced this week that he is running for Virginia's House of Delegates! Very exciting! I come from a pretty political family so it was a given that eventually it would happen. He is running to fill the seat of a current Delegate who won his election for the House of Representatives this month. I'm especially loving it because I love campaigns and am getting the opportunity to help out. I'll keep you posted. The special election will be in January.
So, folks, that's about it for now. Tired. Must go to bed!

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