Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Emma turned TWO last Tuesday. Happy Birthday, sweet, precious little girl!

We celebrated with a crayon-themed party at our house that turned out to actually be a lot of fun. We had about 12 kids ranging from 3 to 17 plus a bunch of parents. It would have been extra crazy, except it was absolutely beautiful outside so we sent the kids out to play on the swingset once they finished eating.

Here are a few pictures.

I found these inflatable crayons on Amazon and they were a hit! Sent one home with each child as a party favor (along with a little bag that included a coloring book and crayons).

We put paper over the dining room table and let the kids go to town with the crayons. And it served the dual purpose of helping keep the table clean!

Reused the birthday sign I got off Etsy for her 1st birthday party. I wish I could have had crayon themed cupcakes but it was going to cost too much to get a special order. So we topped them with little plastic crayon toppers from Amazon.

Emma with her cousins, Matthew (3) and Anna (2).

Cute shirt from Old Navy (with a cute girl wearing it).

Getting a little help from Mommy with the candle. Even though we discussed what she needed to do when the cupcake came, she froze under pressure.

On the playground in our backyard.

Enjoying the bag more than the presents. I think her favorite gift was a Melissa and Doug easel from Grandma. Mommy and Daddy got her a dollhouse.

All worn out at the end of the party. A two hour+ nap followed, which is very unusual for this little girl.


  1. Happy Birthday Emma! Can't believe she is 2 already! The party looked like fun! :)

  2. What a fun party! Happy birthday to Emma.

  3. SUCH a cute party!! Happy birthday Emma! You should have parties every week to get great naps like that, haha :)

  4. Happy BDay! She is a doll....and I love the party theme....gonna have to use that one in the next few years!

    Definitely will email you...maybe sometime next week.;0)

  5. Great idea for a birthday party! I can't believe Emma is 2. I've enjoyed catching up with your blog and reading about both of your little cuties!