Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Emma at 2

While there are a lot of things that come with a child this age - a strong will, the start of a sassy mouth, and quick mood changes and temper tantrums, just to name a few - there are so many more awesome things.  

  • An unsolicited "I love you"
  • Emma sweet showing ownership by calling us "my mommy" and "my daddy"
  • Talking, talking, talking (and a lot more understanding on our part)
  • Learning, learning, learning (like how to spell her name, numbers, colors, new words used properly, pretend play)
  • Showing more love to her sister

She is such a ball of fun and energy these days.  

And here are a few pictures from Emma's 2 year photo shoot with hubby's cousin, who did a terrific job.


  1. Oh my goodness! Those pictures are beautiful. That aqua color looks great on Emma! Isn't 2 fun? We are nearly to two with TT, and at about 2.5 with Nur, and it is SUCH a fun age. Oh, sure they are sassy, and independent, but they are also so fun! :) And is there anything better than watching the world through the eyes of our kiddos? It is amazing! :)

  2. beautiful photos! it's hard to remember the good things sometimes isn't it? i love it when louise calls me mommy instead of mama.