Friday, March 19, 2010

A little more certainty

Now I know for sure that I will not be pregnant indefinitely...that one day soon we will actually have a baby in our arms. Of course, I joke. But as you enter these final days it does kind of feel like you'll be pregnant forever.

We had our regular OB appointment today.

1) I went from 1cm last week to 2cm this week. Yay, progress!

2) The OB very gently stripped my membranes. Apparently the last time the OB stripped membranes, she broke the person's water, so she is hesitant to be very aggressive. It really didn't hurt at all.

3) I have an induction scheduled for next Thursday, March 25th in the event baby doesn't come sooner. Ideally, I would like to have everything progress naturally, but it is so nice having a definite end date in site.

4) On a weird note, my blood pressure was high. I always have very low blood pressure...we're talking 90-110/60-65. Today it was 132/78. While that is still in the normal range, it is definitely high for me. The doctor told me to check it twice this weekend at a pharmacy and let them know if it goes over 140/90. Not sure what that means. Perhaps just something that happens as you get closer to labor? They are monitoring me so closely that I'm not overly concerned. I go back to the perinatal center on Monday for my regular nonstress test and fluid check. And then back to the OB for the last time on Tuesday. Or maybe she'll just come this weekend (fingers crossed...).

So, as you can see, I will eventually have a baby, in case there was doubt in any of your minds. Well, there was in mine, at least :) Ok, I'm off to cherish my last weekend of pregnancy. Happy weekend to all of you, too.

P.S. I've added the last belly shot picture hubby took...this was almost 2 weeks ago. Please ignore the sweats and ponytail!


  1. Why did they schedule an induction so early? you know you can go 2 weeks after your due date and everything still be ok. Inductions can be trouble...lets hope you go naturally!

  2. We may be delivering on the same day if I go next Thursday too!! It is wild to have an end in sight isn't it??!! I'm like freaking out making sure everything is all ready...had to buy some newborn diapers and realized I only had two pairs of newborn pants per kid (which they may not need with this weather...but if we turn on the a/c they may get chilly indoors!)

    Can't wait!!!

  3. Jenn, my OB practice only lets you go one week over maximum (they told us this right from the start), especially given my issues with low amniotic fluid levels. Thankfully both my OB and the perinatal clinic at the hospital agree that, if you are 2cm+, the chance of having to have a c-section because the induction doesn't progress well enough significantly decreases.

    Sweetpea - what fun that would be to have our babies born on the same day!! Good luck getting everything in order. I think I've reorganized the baby's closet and dresser 5 times already :)

  4. You're almost there! Congrats on the progress and PS, you look great!

  5. you do look awesome!
    The strip obviously didn't work for me, but my prostaglandn gel induction sure did the trick, and fast!

  6. Oh yeah - I'm pretty sure that if you BP continues to climb over the weekend, they won't wait till Thurs to induce you. Good luck with your L&D!

  7. Aww, cute 9 month belly ;)

    My bp went up in labor pretty high. Not sure why. It was fine until then. I think it is just the body having to work so hard, maybe?

    Good luck!!

  8. Cute idea to use the pinky sticky in the photo- you look great! Rest up this week... I can't wait until Emma makes her debut and to see pictures!