Monday, March 8, 2010

This is not going to be a small baby.

First order of business on this fine weigh-in (I sure enjoy that a lot more than mommy weigh-in). A little refresher...
  • At 32 weeks, the doctor informed us that baby was only in the 11th percentile for size, weighing in at 3lb 11oz, and that this may be indicative of a placental problem.
  • Four weeks ago, at 34 weeks, baby was estimated to weigh 4lb 11oz.
  • Two weeks later, she had grown to 5lb 14oz.
  • Today, at 38 weeks, the doctor estimates her weight to be 6lb 12oz. And she still has at least two more weeks to grow. While apparently that is only 40th percentile, it sure doesn't sound like a small baby to me.
We are obviously very happy with her growth, and I'm slowly accepting that, since she is clearly thriving in the womb, I shouldn't rush her entry into the world. Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy if she decided to come today, but I've finally accepted that nature should just take its course (though check in with me after 40 weeks and I may be singing a different tune!).


  1. She's grown so well! That's awesome. :-D Sometimes I feel like health care providers scare us all unecessarily. I know they mean well, but so many times, it ends up being nothing. You are so close to meeting your daughter. I can't even imagine the excitement you must be feeling. :-D

  2. I agree...that's no small baby!! My friend was a week late and had a 6lb 3oz baby...and the doctors showed no concern...and your little one is already nearly 7lbs!! YAY!!

    I can't believe your little Lilypie ticker says "About 14 days to go"...UNREAL!!!

    Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!

  3. Glad to see she's packing on the pounds at the end. Hope that means an easier time breastfeeding, and not getting up every 1.5 hours in an attempt to pack on the pounds.
    You're almost there!

  4. My word of advice is not to listen to the health care provider when it comes to weight of the's all a guess…and to tell you truth they are normally wrong! I had a 7lbs 14 oz boy and it was done without meds...not problem! They wanted me to deliver at 38 weeks but he came on his due date (exactly 40 weeks). God will give you want you can handle!

  5. What wonderful news- Emma is doing so well! She will be here soon!!!

  6. Aww, sweet Emma Grace! So glad that she's doing well! She'll be here soon!!

  7. The first stretch and sweep felt a little ouchier. This time he was working even harder for it, which wasn't comfortable. I think the worst of the discomfort was from him pushing down on the fundus with one hand while stuffing a couple fingers up into the cervix and kind of shoving them around in there. I guess he must have been rotating his fingers around in between the internal os and the membranes and shoving up as high as he could reach to get the membranes peeled off from the lower uterine segment and cervix.
    One of my colleagues at work said the pain with the S&S was worse than labour, another said his wife said that too for both of her babies. I really didn't find it that bad, but my OB said that he'd done a pretty good job of it this second time. We'll soon find out!
    Maybe I have a better pain tolerance than the other two did? Not a clue. Hope it's not too bad for you if you get to that point!

  8. sounds like a normal sized baby to me, she's definitely going to be bigger than louise was!

  9. Thanks for checking on me!! :o) Nothing new to report...I'm going in to the specialist tomorrow so I figured I'd post after that! I took some 34 week pictures that I planned on posting...but my face is looking so swollen I haven't gotten the courage to do so yet!! Maybe I'll see if I can photoshop them a bit! *wink*