Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm looking forward to... (hint, not baby-related)

I love reading all my blog friends' posts - whether they are about babies, the desire for babies, or something completely not baby related. But I don't think I ever have anything non-baby related to talk about. But I do have two things coming along this July that have me very excited, and I thought I would share (as I sit here 4 days before my due date obsessing about whether baby will EVER come).

First, hubby and I just booked a trip to Bermuda for July? Some friends of ours are getting married there. I've wanted to go to Bermuda FOREVER and am thrilled at this opportunity. And, yes, baby Emma gets to go to. Perhaps we're crazy thinking we can take a 3 1/2 month old on such a trip, but I just can't imagine leaving my baby girl.

We have three nights booked at what looks to be a fabulous hotel, the Fairmont Southampton. We have our plane tickets booked, too, but couldn't get baby's until she's here because you have to give them a birthdate (even though she will just be in our lap on the flight). And did you know that, on international flights, an infant in lap still costs 10% of the adult ticket price plus you have to pay all the fees and taxes? Yuck. Anyways, if anyone has any advice on Bermuda, or traveling with a little one, please share.

Ok, item number two. This one will not involve baby. Hubby and I got tickets to go see Dave Matthews in D.C. in July. And the opening act is one of my favorites, the Zac Brown band. My mom is already planning to come up to take care of Emma while we go. It should be a great time and I haven't seen DMB in over 10 years. Can't wait!

So there you go, some non-baby related fun for this fine Thursday. Now I'll go back to counting down the hours until we meet our little one :)


  1. Bermuda is wonderful.

    Just be sure to double-check the destination if you try to take the passenger ferry between port cities. A friend and I ended up on what felt like Gilligan's tour when we just kept going and going - instead of the short hop, we ended up on the long one. Oops. But it was all good since we ended up seeing something we would have otherwise totally missed had we taken the correct ferry!

  2. So many fun things coming up. :-D I think it's great that you are still planning fun trips even with a baby. I love people that continue a fun life and not stop life to stay home all the time with a baby. I'm sure you guys will travel well with the little one, and you'll always be able to tell Emma that she went to Bermuda when she was just a baby. :-D

  3. Your Bermuda trip sounds awesome! I am also very jealous of the DMB concert. :-)

  4. Wow, I would LOVE, LOVE to go away somewhere soon!!

    Lucky ;)

  5. Those are very exciting things to look forward to! I love the anticipation of a great trip!

    Still thinking of you and checking back often to see if Emma has arrived. Sending you good vibes that she'll come soon!

  6. Congrats on the new baby! I'm in the middle of a 3 week trip from Australia to NZ with my 4 month old, and like everyone told me, they travel really well at this stage (it's only later when they are mobile that they hate being strapped in to seats for so long). Enjoy your trip, and enjoy your new little girl! ICLW