Friday, August 20, 2010

5 months

I don't feel like much has changed since my 4 months post on where Emma currently is.

Development: The only "new" thing she is doing is starting to sit up. She still tips over but is getting a little steadier each day. I'm assuming one of the next things will be rolling from back to front. At this point, she is rolling to her side and then her arm gets in the way. And, yep, still swaddling. Check back next month to see if we've finally shaken the swaddle.

Solids: We tried some rice cereal two nights this week. Not sure if it was a fluke, but both of those nights she SCREAMED for an hour when we tried to put her to bed. So we've taken a break from solids for a few days and will try again later on.

Baby Sitter: Earlier this week we left Emma with our first non-family member baby sitter so we could go out to dinner with some friends. We left her with our friend's nanny at their house so that made it doubly worrisome since it took Emma out of a familiar surrounding. We got there extra early and tried to replicate her whole bedtime routine - bath, feeding, swaddling, and then down for bed.

She was sound asleep when we left and apparently stayed that way for the next two hours. Unfortunately, we were gone for three and a half hours.

When we got back, the nanny had all the lights out and was walking around bouncing Emma trying to get her back to sleep. She told us that Emma woke up pretty upset and that bouncing and walking was the only way she was keeping her calm. Sigh. Some day she'll cooperate. Some day.

Sleep: And, in regards to nap, Emma is still very inconsistent. She takes three naps a day but they are all over the place both in timing and length. Once in a while I'll get a 2 hour nap out of her but generally they are around an hour. Again, sigh.

Parenting is hard!


  1. I have not found solids to help with sleep at all. We waited until little Dude was interested in what we were eating, and then gave him a few things off our plate. We are doing baby led weaning, and I think it is easier than purees. I know the Little Dude is enjoying it!

    Good luck with the baby sitter. We still have not found an alternative to my parents. We are trying a friend of mine this weekend when we go for our date night. At least she is expecting the baby to cry some while we are out.

    As far as naps, I am just starting to see a slight pattern now that he is 7 months. But I still have problems getting him down. Naps are not a strong point for me.

  2. Bummer about the nanny story. She is so adorable and sounds like she is doing great. :)

  3. She's beautiful! Sorry naps are tough - they're not consistent or regular here either.