Monday, August 16, 2010


I caved and decided to give solids a try today. Well, the word "solid" is somewhat misleading since it was three-fourths breast milk mixed with a little rice cereal. But it was still fun to try.

I hadn't planned to start this adventure until 6 months, then decided we'd do it at 5 months. But here we are, a few days before the 5 month mark and giving it the good old college try. I'm hoping that it might just help with her night waking, which has become increasingly annoying.

And thanks to my blog friend - Once Upon A Time - for inspiring me!

Here is the proof...

All ready to go in the highchair

The first bites...

"Not bad but Mommy and Daddy's food always looks better than this stuff"

Definitely letting us know that she is D-O-N-E!


  1. Yay! She's growing up so fast. She is just precious!!

  2. Lol...I love the progression photos....I'm gonna have to do that...too cute! ;o)