Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Really Big Week

Most weeks of my life are pretty much the same. Work. Taking care of Emma. Figuring out meals. Running errands. Church. Cleaning. Laundry. You get the idea.

But then some weeks are really big. Those weeks hold something to which you are really looking forward. Well, I have two huge things this week.

On Thursday, I go to the doctors to find out whether I am pregnant. Wow!

On Friday, I will sign the papers to officially close on our new house. Wow!

No wonder I'm not sleeping well this week. Too much on my mind. This is a really big week.


  1. This IS a really big week! I am thinking of you! I can't imagine how you feel about your pregnancy right now. If you are anything like me when I found out I was pregnant. . . this is something you weren't expecting, but now that you have a positive pregnancy test, you obviously want this badly. I am thinking of you girl, and hoping this week brings a lot of good news and a lot of peace.

  2. Good luck with both! So exciting!!

  3. Good luck with your doctor appointment today!

  4. ps - I changed my name from my middle to my first and created a new blog - but you used to know me as Hope:)