Wednesday, March 2, 2011

11 Months Old

One teeny, tiny month short of a full year.

New things in the past month...
  • Knows what a cow ("ooooo") and dog ("oo, oo, oo") say, though they kind of sound the same
  • Loves to "honk" mommy and daddy's noses
  • Pats her head upon command
  • Waves at absolutely everything and everyone, which has gotten me into awkward conversations at restaurants and the grocery store where I want to say "No, ma'am, you aren't special, she waves at the wall..."
  • Standing up very steadily. Sometimes lets go and then realizes she's not holding onto anything, promptly falling to the ground
  • Just today started making the "m" sound. Thought this day would never come. Come on, girl, give me a good, loud "mama"!
  • Starting to turn into a cuddlebug after 11 months of pushing us away all the time
  • Pats us on the back when she's giving us a hug
  • Loves to blow kisses and once in awhile will give you a proper kiss on the lips
  • Cries when told "no" and seems to know when she's doing something she's not supposed to do
  • Shakes her head "yes" and "no" but not always at the right time
  • Drinks well out of sippy cup and eats most any table food you give her
  • Starts dancing as soon as music comes on (unfortunately she seems to be copying mommy and daddy who are not good dancers!)
Those are the highlights. I just can't believe the next month post will be the big 1 YEAR!


  1. Has it really been 11 months! That is crazy!!! She's 1 month away from being a full year old! WOW!!! It sounds like she is doing great, and is such a smart little girl. :)

  2. Your daughter is beautiful: It's crazy how fast they grow up! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. she is so cute... hope you're feeling good.

  4. Precious. It boggles my mind that she is 11 months old already. Please tell me that time will start to slow down???
    She's a cutie and I love reading about what she's doing!