Monday, March 14, 2011

Who Am I?

No, this isn't going to be some philosophical or existential post. It's just me deciding to give my blog friends a glimpse at who I am in real life (whether you actually care or not).

What's your real name? Kristin

So, where did "Hope" come from? When we were trying, month after month, to conceive our little miracle, each month, hubby and I would joke that we had "high hopes for" whatever that month was. So, for example, "high hopes for May." It became a cute joke between us. And, thus, I became Hope. And I live in Virginia. Duh!

What's hubby's real name? Michael

What's Emma's real name? Emma (haha, you thought I'd been tricking you on that one)

Tell us about your family. I have two older brothers, and I'm the youngest, and only, girl. My parents divorced when I was very small, and I was raised by my mom who did an AWESOME job being both mommy and daddy to us. All my family (but not my dad), as well as hubby's family, live in and around the town we are moving to in Southwest Virginia. Hubby is an only child.

What's your personality like?
Hmm, not sure on this one. I am pretty type A - organized, detailed, and, unfortunately, a worrier. I always considered myself to be outgoing until I got to college. And realized that the "outgoing" kids were much crazier than me! I'm not an introvert but I don't love being around tons of people. I'm pretty mellow. A good night for me includes pizza, Doritos, and a good movie!

I LOVE sports! In high school, I played basketball, volleyball and tennis, and considered playing tennis in college. Definitely grew up a tomboy, having two older brothers. I'm hoping Emma will be, too! Though a tomboy who plays sports with cute bows in her hair :)

Where'd you go to college? University of Richmond. Go Spiders! Watch out NCAA b'ball tourney!

What do you do for a living? I have to preface this answer by saying I love politics. I moved to Washington, D.C. right after college to work on Capitol Hill for a Senator. From there, I lobbied for a health care association and worked on several campaigns (including a presidential in 2008). Right now I work for a public relations firm doing "competitive intelligence" for a Fortune 8 company. Thankfully I get to work from home! While this isn't a purely political job, it is stable and I appreciate not living election cycle to election cycle any more. I also have my own research consulting company on the side that keeps my hand in political campaigns.

About your blog...does your family read it? No, my family does not read my blog. I've mentioned a few times that I have a blog, and even printed out a blog post for a few of them to read one time. But I view this as my private forum to talk about frustrations, hopes, etc. Hubby doesn't even read it!

So that's probably enough info about me for the time being! Kind of feels good to "come clean!"


  1. Yes, I just knew I would love who you are. :) I'm also a sporty girl, and played volleyball, basketball, and softball in school. And politics? I LOVE LOVE LOVE politics, and am not shy of my liberal ideals in life.

    Thanks for letting us see a glimpse of who you are. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing more about yourself. It's always nice to get to know blogging friends.

    I hope the move goes well for you.

  3. Thanks for sharing more about yourself.

    You are moving to my area, SW VA! I hope it goes smoothly.

  4. Hi There,

    I"ve been following your blog for a few weeks and it's great to hear more about you.

    I've just started the quest for a second baby, as our first IVF baby girl turned one recently. She is just one month older than Emma.

    I'll be following your story!


  5. Well, I totally thought your name was really Hope all this time. :)

    Love the post! It's fun getting to know you better.

  6. I found the political stuff very interesting. Thanks for sharing!