Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More on medications...

Thanks so much to all of you for posting. So much fun to get my first comments! I really, really, really hope that you all will stick around, bring more friends, and visit often so I can ask a lot of stupid questions and get support, advice, and encouragement! No idea how to promote my blog and get people here but hopefully it will work out. If any of you want to pass my blog info around, that would be GREAT!

Anyways, for those of you familiar with Virginia's IVF clinics, we are using Dominion Fertility (http://www.dominionfertility.com/)

My GIGANTIC cooler of medications came this past Friday...not really a great gift but I still got a little excited knowing that we are hopefully moving one step closer to making our dream a reality.

So I am doing a Lupron Flare cycle and will be on Lupron and Bravelle to start with. And then the wonderful HCG shot and then what I hear is the best part of all (sarcasm!) the progesterone in sesame oil and suppositories. I was told that the needles are the same ones used by diabetics - we'll see.

BTW, I must also mention that all of this will coincide with my 30th birthday - not a great gift at all - though getting a BFP would be the best present ever!

I'll let you know how the injection training goes. My husband isn't looking forward to the shots in the butt but as our nurse said, really the only thing he has to do in all of this gives him pleasure so he needs to earn his keep!

I think I need to also post something giving a little bit of background on our TTC disaster...watch for that post to come.

Thanks again for stopping by!


  1. Welcome to blogland! Best of luck with your cycle too!

    The best way to get readers is to leave comments on blogs you read and of course on Stirrup Queens. And a "story so far" on the sidebar helps people connect to you who have had similar experiences.

    (p.s. I blog about my IF journey on www.projectprogeny.wordpress.com but I don
    t know how to sign on that way)

  2. Elizabeth, thanks so much for the suggestions...I just added a "details of our journey" side bar. Great advice. I've seen these on other blogs and like how you can see exactly what's going on. Probably tomorrow I'm going to put a post up that gives more details on our story.

    I'm going to check out your blog right now and I hope you'll pop back on over here once in awhile!

  3. Hey there - Don't be too intimidated about the injections. The Lupron and Bravelle shots - the sub-q shots - are just annoying, but don't really hurt. The HCG shot if IM,does make you a little sore, but, it isn't awful. The PIO shots - I've been doing them myself this time - and find that it hurts way less that way. However, I am a seasoned veteran at this. Either way, they aren't super fun...but it isn't as terrible as you think it will be. I was terrified...I am sure you are, too. I hope for us both, that this will all be worth it!

    Happy early birthday - I hope you get a wonderful gift :)