Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My husband ROCKS!

As you know, yesterday was our injection training where we not only did practice shots but also learned how to mix all the medications and get them ready for injection (Lupron, Bravelle, HCG, POI). I'm so glad we did this because 1) it will give us confidence when we actually do the shots for real and 2) the medication mixing is kind of tricky - for example, the Bravelle requires mixing 3 separate vials of powder with the liquid. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it (twice a day for around 10 days!). And yes, I plan to give the shots that go in the stomach and my husband gets the joy of the butt shots. Yes, we did a practice butt shot and he did great.

But that's not why my husband rocks. During our entire two hour session last night, my husband took pages and pages of notes...he wrote down every tiny detail. BUT on top of that, once the nurse left, he went and typed up all the notes! I know, unbelievable! And it was great because we got another run through on everything as he was typing.

He is really stepping up to the challenge and God knows we all need as much support as possible. So now we wait...I should go in for my baseline around Sunday (my periods are 24-25 days) and then will start the meds if all is well. I just can't believe how close we are to getting this started. After 18 months of hopeless trying, we will soon be moving forward! Yea!


  1. What a great hubby! I found that having him give the IM shots allowed him to be more a part of the process. So much of IVF centers around the female, the male partner can often feel left out.

  2. Who woulda thunk it that you'd be saying "yeah!" to having shots soon. :)

    But I totally get it, it is exciting to begin a new cycle, and a first one at that. And it sounds like hubby has a future career in medicine with all of his new-found knowledge. And you could too!