Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More on our story...

So, where to begin? I guess the beginning!

My husband and I met in high school - yes, I know - so cute, high school sweethearts. I was 16 and my husband was 18. We dated all through college (but went to separate colleges) and got married as soon as I graduated. For the next 6 or so years, we enjoyed being a married couple - doing all the fun things you can't do once you have children (or at least things you can't do as easily) - and focusing on work.

Some time in 2007, we both started getting the itch to delve into parenthood. Due to my work, we decided to wait until the beginning of 2008 to start trying, thinking "this is perfect, I'll be pregnant in the next few months." Those first few months were exciting filled with hope - checking out baby due dates on the computer at the beginning of each cycle, not buying new clothes because, hey, I'll be pregnant soon, using pregnancy tests each cycle, and planning summer activities around the idea that I would be pregnant.

Then the months started to drag on. In June 2008, I finally visited my ob/gyn and was assured that everything was a-ok, just give it time. I figured I was just being paranoid. The doctor even said, I'm confident we'll see you back here before your regularly scheduled pap smear in September...

September came and went but we decided to wait until it had been a solid year. When we still weren't pregnant, my husband had a sperm test and I had a test to ensure my tubes were open. Still, everything was a-ok. But I was told by my ob/gyn that there really wasn't anything else she could do so, and if still not pregnant in a few months, it was time to see a RE.

That brings us to April 2009...our first visit to Dominion Fertility and meeting with Dr. DiMattina. After some more tests, he concluded that there was a slight diminished ovarian reserve and a slight sperm issue (mobility and morphology). Nothing that should stop us from spontaneously getting pregnant.

And he gave us 3 options. Do nothing and wait - yuck! IUI with clomid. Or natural cycle IVF.

So, then the decision time came. Doing nothing didn't seem like a good option. Our insurance doesn't cover natural cycle, so we ruled that out. IUI with clomid seemed ok but I had read so many comments on others' blogs were that seemed like a waste of time and a hurdle to getting to IVF.

Well, our insurance does cover regular IVF...but you have to get authorization, which according to our fertility clinic is not easy to do, especially since we didn't have any major issues. So the clinic submitted the request for authorization, but we figured we'd have to do at least one cycle of IUI first. But lo and behold, they approved IVF right away...

So that brings us to where we are today...about to start a Lupron flare cycle and counting the days down until I start taking medication (around June 21). I find myself once again using the computer to calculate due dates and talking about baby names, again with a renewed hope that maybe, just maybe, we aren't too far away from the end of this journey.

You know, you often think you are the only person feeling a certain way or going through a particular struggle. But it has become abundantly clear to me that SO many women have felt the same way as me and dealt with this tremendous burden. And that's why I'm turning to this blog, hoping to connect with more women who have walked in my shoes or are maybe walking down the same path as me right now. And it gives my husband a break from having to talk about this all the time!

I hope you'll visit often!


  1. Just a quick wish of good luck as your cycle approaches! So this IVF cycle will be your first time with any fertility meds? Speaking from experience, I was a bit surprised about how much the meds affected me, both physically and emotionally. Not to freak you out, because you will get through it, but I wish someone had told me to clear my schedule more, remove any stressors I could, warn my husband, and just be prepared for not feeling quite like my normal self. I read a lot about "being kind to yourself during an IVF cycle" and thought "oh sure, I'm always good to myself!" But looking back, these are important words!!

  2. Pie, Thanks so much for that advice! Yes, this will be my first time on the meds. I am trying to plan a few nice things during that time so I have stuff to look forward to - nothing big but like getting a pedicure and haircut. Hopefully work won't be too stressful during that time, though I am positive that my mind will be on the cycle 99% of the time so hopefully my work won't suffer too much. But if all goes well, it's just for a month, right? I am going to go ahead and warn my husband!

  3. Wow, that's really interesting that you jumped right into IVF. I was given the same advice, actually, at the beginning of our journeyb (by a veteran IVF friend). I hope this is your magic bullet!!!!

  4. Hi. And thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog at

    I was just reading your sequence of events, and wow. . . we started trying to conceive the same month!

    I added you to my blogroll and look forward to following your story. I have found the blog world to be such a supportive place. Feel free to reach out to me for anything. :-D

  5. Just saw your comment on my WTF appointment. Just want to say, not only did we start TTC (Trying to conceive) at the same time AND are both seeing Dr. D's but we are also the same age. Crazy! Sounds like you are about to turn 30? I turn 30 in September. I love the similarities. :-D I'm in MN, so I'm sure we don't have the same Dr. but still pretty crazy.

    You asked how to follow my blog. . . I see you added me to your blogroll, and I think because I use wordpress, that you can't follow me through google friends. Unfortunately you'll just have to click on my link daily to see if I've updated. A pain in the butt I suppose.

    I'm so happy we found each other. Keep in touch, and I'm wishing you so much success this cycle, and I hope this is your first and only IVF. :-D

  6. From one Virginian to another, good luck!

  7. Thanks for the comment on my blog. You're right - it's easy to feel as though you're alone in this infertility thing until one day you realize there are many of us out there happy to give a shoulder. Best of luck to you on your IVF cycle.

  8. Hello Hope!

    This sure is an exciting time in your life! You are correct, you will need to take good care of yourself during your cycle. Try and relax as much as you can. I know that's kind of an oxymoron because of what IVF entails, but do the best you can. I don't know about your particular clinic, but at the clinic we went through (The New Hope Center, VA Beach, VA) I was able to schedule massages during and after my cycle. Boy, did I look forward to that!

    The 4th IVF cycle was the charm for us. Our daughter was born 31 Dec 07 and like all parents she is the light of our lives! If you have any questions or concerns don't be afraid to ask, there is a great group of women at LFCA, and I am sure someone has been through or felt everything that you will in the next few months.

    I wish you the best of luck on this new journey toward becoming a mommy!