Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When should I feel something?

Today is day 7 of stimulation (Microdose Lupron Flare protocol). I started out on 20 units of Lupron and 225 of Bravelle (3 vials). On day 5, they upped my Bravelle to 300 units (4 vials) and kept Lupron the same. I go in tomorrow for my next b/w and u/s.

On day 5, Dr. D didn't say much during the u/s, just that it was really early in the process. I asked him if everything was as it should be and he said yes, but he didn't give me any more feedback than that.

Now it's day 7 and, other than a million needle-prick marks in my stomach that are somewhat sore, I don't feel anything. No big ovaries. I want big ovaries! Since they had to up my FSH last time, I am fearful that I'm not stimulating well...

Hopefully I'll find out more tomorrow on how things are progressing and I'm definitely going to ask Dr. D more questions (help, what questions should I be asking?). But it would be great to hear from all of you about when you started to "feel" something when stimulating.


  1. I know I didn't feel anything until pretty much a couple days before retrieval. I'm sure your doc would have said something if there was cause for alarm. 7 days of stimming already! Congrats! Retrieval should be just around the corner. :-D

  2. Wow, has it already been a week of injections and stims? Time flies when you're having fun! How are you doing with it all? You sound like an old pro already.

    I started feeling the bloat around stim day 8-9. And it increases each day after that until retrieval. So don't worry, you have plenty of feeling like a water balloon ahead!

  3. Wish I could help...I'll be turning to you for answers in about a month! Hope it is going well!

  4. Once day 5 and 6 hit, then I think the doctor would start seeing stuff. I actually only stimmed for like 9 or 10 days'ish, scary but I cant remember. They grow really fast at the end it seems...and I never really felt bloated like most people...and i had lots of eggies in no worries :) This is so fun (especially when it's not me!)